Life at Ufone
  • There are many reasons why I am proud to work at Ufone. I have learned and grown personally and professionally by working for a company whose employees have a very diverse background.
    Mansoor Aslam
    Manager (Financial & Operational Audit)
  • I have been at Ufone for the past 5 years now and absolutely love it here. The friends I have made in this organization would last me a lifetime.
    Shahbaz Khan
    General Manager (Channel Steering) – Sales & Distribution
  • At Ufone, every day brings new and exciting challenges where we have to find solutions through creativity and innovation as a part of one of the best teams in the industry. This is what motivates me every day.
    Shehzad Khattak
    Senior Manager (Technology Strategy)

It's an exciting time within the telecommunications industry right now. The world is moving faster than ever, with every day bringing new adventures, opportunities and challenges. In such a demanding environment, the people we work with make every accomplishment infinitely more interesting. Here at Ufone you will meet an amazing group of people, with a wide range of skills, passions and talents. Our people drive our success through their enthusiasm, zeal and ability to please our customers, and to nourish our vision.

With over 1,400 people as a part of the Ufone family, our environment is enthusiastic, competitive and achievement-driven. Our people span a variety of backgrounds, interests and vocations, but all of us share a common passion for what technology can do for people. Indeed, this is the cornerstone of our high performance culture.

At Ufone, you will have access to experts in your chosen field, with projects that will greatly enhance the range of your exposure and experience. We've got the systems and the resources to make great stuff happen. Our sheer breadth of operations means we can offer you a multitude of diverse career opportunities, along with the empowerment for you to truly achieve your potential. With us, you will continue to grow every day.

Aside from equipping you with the tools necessary for your own development, we also believe in investing greatly in development programs that will help you hone your leadership capability, and ultimately unlock your full potential.

Remember, it's all about U!

Yousef Al Zaabi

(Chief Human Resource, Administration & Security)