Life at Ufone
  • There are many reasons why I am proud to work at Ufone. I have learned and grown personally and professionally by working for a company whose employees have a very diverse background.
    Mansoor Aslam
    Manager (Financial & Operational Audit)
  • I have been at Ufone for the past 5 years now and absolutely love it here. The friends I have made in this organization would last me a lifetime.
    Shahbaz Khan
    General Manager (Channel Steering) – Sales & Distribution
  • At Ufone, every day brings new and exciting challenges where we have to find solutions through creativity and innovation as a part of one of the best teams in the industry. This is what motivates me every day.
    Shehzad Khattak
    Senior Manager (Technology Strategy)

We see ourselves as responsible individuals and believe that trust forms the foundation of every strong relationship. Every day, we aim to further strengthen this trust by living our values, and following through on our commitment to succeed together.We believe in an empowered workforce, where our people have the freedom to make their decision in light of our culture and values. These values are the building blocks of our daily interactions between us, our stakeholders and our customers. Our core values are the pillars upon which our organizational culture and business practices are based. We call this the Ufone Way, and it is all about translating our basic cultural ingredients into our lifestyle.

Our values are:

  • Leadership with Passion We believe in leading by example, and taking responsibility for our mistakes. We aim to stay accessible and helpful, using dialogue as influence and not authority.
  • Teamwork & Innovation We encourage open communication and interaction, and recognize team members for their contributions. We acknowledge ideas without prejudice and share knowledge freely across functional boundaries.
  • Entrepreneurship, Freedom with Responsibility We help each other in refining ideas, by asking questions and taking everyone's point of view. This helps us in understanding our customers better, and in understanding how our individual roles contribute towards organizational success.
  • Humility in Relationships We respect each other and are always there to help. We believe in ourselves and care about what is important to each one of us, always being there with support where needed.
  • Commitment with Fun We stay calm under pressure and celebrate our successes, no matter how tiny they may be. We are proactive and enthusiastic, and face every challenge with a smile. Each one of us brings something special to Ufone, and that is what defines our culture.

To safeguard our reputation and our brand, we hold ourselves at the highest standards of ethical behavior that go hand in hand with the highest of accountabilities.

So, do U have what it takes?